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Mar 31, 2008  –  Introducing... State Coverage

The other software metric to come out of Agitar, CRAP is simply too much fun. So David Kao (a former Agitar intern) and I decided to take the levity down a notch.* The result?

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Mar 27, 2008  –  Go faster with dynamic languages, but for how long?

There's a lot to be said for dynamic languages. With Ruby, PHP, Python, and the rest of the gang, developers can write less code, and sometimes end up with some pretty nice looking code too. I've tried my hand at some PHP, and I must say that PHP arrays really cut down on the keystrokes compared to Collections in everybody's favorite punching bag, Java. But how long can this warm-and-fuzzy feeling last?

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Mar 12, 2008  –  Register for CITCON Denver

CITCON Denver is just around the corner, April 4th and 5th. This the 3rd annual CITCON North America event, the previous years having been in Chicago (2006) and Dallas (2007). CITCON events have also been held in London (2006), Sydney (2007) and Brussels (2007).

For those who haven't heard about it CITCON is the Continuous Integration and Testing CONference, an open spaces (or "unconference") event that attracts an energetic and enthusiastic crowd of CIT practitioners from around the US, Europe and Asia. If you've never been to an open spaces event you can think of it as the best part of a normal conference -- the hallway conversation -- dialed up to 11!

You can read about past CITCONs on the wiki and then register today. But hurry, there are already 120 people registered and only 30 more registrations will be accepted!

If you can't make it to Denver then you might want to plan ahead by registering now for CITCON Melbourne in June or CITCON Amsterdam in October. Or maybe even all three!

Mar  3, 2008  –  Webinar: Making the Business Case for Continuous Integration and Testing This week on Wednesday March 5th I'll be giving a webinar on Making the Business Case for Continuous Integration and Testing. This webinar is a bit different than previous ones I've given on CIT. I wanted to address this topic because I've talked to a number of people at places like CITCON who believed that CIT was the right thing to be doing but they were inexplicably (to them) unable to convince others that continuous integration and the automated testing that goes with it were something worth investing in. So to try and help people I've put together what I see as the most compelling information and also some advice on how to tailor your case based on specific situation in your company. Following the slide portion of the webinar I'm going to answer questions from the audience. In addition to questions about the slides I'm also interested in hearing from people who've encountered obstacles in adopting CIT and I'll try and provide specific suggestions for getting around the problems. If you're interested in this material you can register for this webinar today.