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Sep 27, 2005  –  Stop: The Bar is Green I think it was repeated hints from Robert Watkins that finally got to me. I took the time to install David Saff Continuous Testing plug-in for Eclipse and I'll tell you now that I never want to be without it again, but not for the reasons I've heard from other people. more >>
Sep 10, 2005  –  Cockburn, Goal Displacement, and Running Tested Features On Friday Alistair Cockburn posted an article with the provocative title "Are Iterations Hazardous to Your Project?"... more >>
Sep  8, 2005  –  Dogs and Doorknobs William Pietri on the extreme programming mailing list:
Tight feedback loops provide excellent learning environments. Bacteria learn to beat an antibiotic in a decade or two. But it will be quite a while before dogs evolve their way around the doorknob.
 –  Patterns for Iteration Retrospectives Bill Wake's post to the extreme programming mailing list caught my eye... more >>
Sep  2, 2005  –  Test Driven Life Test Driven Development isn't just for software anymore. It's for hacking your life.

I noticed recently that I tend to live my life outside of software development test-first. The idea originally came to me from a friend, Russ Rufer, founder of the Silicon Valley Patterns Group. I forget the circumstance, but nonetheless the practice stuck. more >>