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Sep 27, 2004  –  More Unlikely Heroes In the current Better Software cover article I describe our continuous integration process and I hope to persuade readers to adopt the practice of automated continuous integration. I don't know of any other agile process that is as easy to adopt or that will yield such immediate and significant benefits. But while my article focuses on CruiseControl I wanted to make two points: more >>
Sep 13, 2004  –  Creating a Value Type for Validation (revisited) Earlier in the year I wrote about introducing a wrapper type to encapsulate the validation of a value that is essentially just a string (see Fight Complexity with Complexity). I just ran into the flip-side of this - the anti-pattern if you like - and I felt compelled to rant about it. more >>
Sep  7, 2004  –  Oozing Confidence Mike Clark writes about his visit to Agitar's office: “I got an opportunity to visit Alberto's project a few weeks back and witness first-hand those infamous lava lamps. You really can't miss them. When I walked in, the red lamp was bubbling. And yet the managers weren't beating the programmers about the head and shoulders, as some might fear. Indeed, I didn't sense any sort of panic or condescension. What I did sense was confidence.” more >>
Sep  2, 2004  –  Pragmatic Project Automation Ever since I bought into Martin Fowler's line that "Imperfect tests, run frequently, are much better than perfect tests that are never written at all" I've had the ideas of developer testing and automation inexorably linked in my mind. And of course like any sort of believer I'm always on the lookout for tools to help convince and convert my more reluctant friends. How thankful I am then to Mike Clark for his new book, Pragmatic Project Automation. more >>