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Dec 13, 2004  –  Kent Beck, Google and Expert Panel videos from Developer Testing Forum

Agitar has posted the videos from the November 17th Developer Testing Forum--they are now online at www.unikron.com/agitar1/. Presentations include Kent Beck, Sriram Sankar (Google), and an Expert Panel (Russell Gold, Oracle; Rob Mee, Pivotal; Sri Muthu, Wells Fargo; David Vydra, Testdriven.com).

Dec 10, 2004  –  XSL, Whitespace, and a Link to Remember

XSL is one of those technologies that I need to interact with often enough that I care about it but not frequently to be good at it. Today while looking for something else -- anyone out there know if there is such a thing as a "breaking non-whitespace" in html? -- I came across this very useful page, which is part of XSL FAQ for Mulberry Technologies' XSL mailing list that Dave Pawson maintains. I get a kick that such serendipity can help me find something so useful, and that by posting about it I can both ensure that I can find it again when I need it and make it more likely for other people to find it. Aren't virtuous circles pleasant?

Dec  9, 2004  –  TDD and Agitation I have been doing Test Driven Development (TDD) for about four years now and agitating for a little less (it's my second anniversary as an agitator today) and I have thought a lot about how to marry the two testing styles. A discussion on the TDD mailing list today (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/testdrivendevelopment/) finally gave me a name for what I have been doing for a while. The discussion centered around the relative merits of TDD versus Design by Contract (DbC) and a surprising - surprising to me anyway - number of people said that two are complementary and that they do both. That's exactly what I have been doing without realizing it. more >>