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Jul 21, 2006  –  University Credit for Learning About XP

James Shore is involved in what seems like an great opportunity for computer science students at Portland State University to learn some real world sklls. Along with Dr. Andrew Black, PSU Professor of Computer Science, they are putting on the course Extreme Programming: Principles & Practices. If you're up in Portland, Oregon it looks worth checking out...

 –  Dos Equis Driven Design is Not About Beer

It is critical to remember that Dos Equis Driven Design (XXD) is not about the beer. (I'm not saying there was no beer involved, but that isn't the point...)

Jul 14, 2006  –  Put Your CC config in Version Control

I got fed up with updating the 20 step instructions on our wiki for configuring a new cruise control machine so I wrote a script and checked it in to CVS. Obvious really.

more >>
Jul  6, 2006  –  Seeking Brave Alpha Testers (CC 2.6)

Despite releasing CruiseControl 2.5 little more than 2 months ago we are looking to get 2.6 out in July. The minor (2.6) vs. trival (2.5.1) version bump reflects some big changes:

  • replace Xalan with Saxon. this should both increase the speed of the web application and reduce if not eliminate the dreaded OutOfMemoryErrors.
  • use an Ant-style launcher instead of setting the classpath in the CC start script or in the manifest.

With these changes we know there will be issues to shake out so we're seeking alpha testers willing to have a go with the latest and greatest and give us feedback on the mailing list.


Are you up for it?


ps: As a side-effect of the switch to Saxon CC versions 2.6 and later will require JRE 1.4 or later (though you can still build projects under 1.3).

 –  Martin Fowler's "Continuous Integration" Updated Just today I learned that a couple of months ago Martin Fowler updated his "Continuous Integration" article with lessons learned from the last 6 years. (Thanks to Jerome Lacoste for the pointer.)
 –  "The lesson of the bloat trochar and the rulebook" Brian Marick is at it again with a must-read post on the Agile Testing mailing list titled "The lesson of the bloat trochar and the rulebook", but unlike all the previous posts or messages I've directed my gentle readers to view this one is entirely unquotable. To me it is a single piece, to be consumed entire or not at all. The closest I can come to providing the flavor is the embarrassing situation of quoting the post quoting Whitehead:
It's like what Whitehead said about notation: "By relieving the brain of all unnecessary work, a good notation sets it free to concentrate on more advanced problems, and in effect increases the mental power of the race."
... but that doesn't do it justice. Maybe better is to quote Kevin's reaction:
Outstanding post, Brian. I always wondered what the little star was for in GMail. Now I know. Your post has a little gold one next to it.
So... go read it already, 'k?