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Jan 31, 2005  –  Blind Spots, Frequent Testing, and Software Agitation Andrew Binstock's column Integration Watch in Software Development Times of January 15, 2005, reflects on the difficulty of writing developer tests for cases that the developer does not anticipate. more >>
Jan 27, 2005  –  The Developer Testing Paradox Most software development organizations have compelling reasons to improve their quality, reduce their costs, and accelerate their schedules. Time after time, and year after year, the majority of software projects are of lower quality than desired, cost more than budgeted, and are completed later than planned. Many projects can only be branded complete failures and have to be restarted from scratch. more >>
 –  A Bad Day With Continuous Integration Yesterday we had a problem. Just before 6 pm someone checked in some changes that broke our unit tests... more >>
Jan 13, 2005  –  What is Agile Testing ? A conversation on the agile-testing list made me think some more about the two types of testing that I blogged about in TDD and Agitation. more >>
Jan 11, 2005  –  The Feng Shui of Developer Seating Over the past year we've had several different variations on our seating, with the common theme of an open workspace. Originally there was an 8 desk circle, which in time was supplimented with some cube space. Then we broke off a separate team for The XPeriment and added a separate 'pod' of 4 tables. With several minor variations all these seating options worked well and I felt pretty safe thumbing my nose at those people who advocate offices with doors that close as the best environment for development teams. more >>