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Jun 27, 2006  –  Want to Hear My Continuous Integration Talk This Week?

I'll be giving the talk twice tomorrow June 28th via WebEx (register here), and then again at the Better Software Conference on Thursday at 3 pm under the title The Power of Continuous Integration with Automated Unit Tests. Giving the talk in front of a live audience is a lot more fun because of the interaction with the other people, but I've been told we have over 100 people signed up for the WebEx already, so perhaps the QnA session will be a bit more lively than most.

 –  Karl's Tinderbox Corner

Hi, I'm Karl Pauls and my team runs Agitator on a Bonsai / Tinderbox system. I'll be sharing the continuous test and continuous integration techniques that we use.

To get right to it, here is our basic Agitator / Tinderbox setup courtesy of our Product Manager, Nicole Pauls:

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Jun 22, 2006  –  Integrating Agitator and CruiseControl

Aaron Rhodes has posted a good message detailing how to integrate test results from Agitator into the CruiseControl html email and the web reporting application on the Agitar forums over here. The directions detailed are of obvious interest to people using Agitator but perhaps less obviously can serve as an example for other people looking to add custom information to the CC feedback. Enjoy!