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Feb 26, 2004  –  Test-Driven Development and Agitator-Driven Refactoring We've had a good solid month of development experience on The eXperiment now and things are going rather well. All of our code is written test first by pairs, we refactor without mercy, and we continuously integrate. Part of our continuous integration is continuous agitation, and it is on that front that we've had the biggest surprise. more >>
Feb 17, 2004  –  CruiseControl Turns 2.1.5 Earlier this month our favorite Continuous Integration tool, CruiseControl, became available in version 2.1.5. While there are lots of good things in the release, there are two features that we've put to immediate use with good results: a multi-project status page and simple inter-project dependencies. One of the features that defined the 2.1 release was the ability to support multiple projects in the same instance of cruisecontrol. Having multiple projects opens up a lot of possibilities but, until now, there was never a good way to get an overview of the status of all the builds. Another obvious wish with multiple projects is to have the successful build of one project trigger the build of another. The new BuildStatus "source control" allows you to do exactly that. We've put this feature to work by triggering one of our longer system tests only when our unit tests are passing.
Feb  2, 2004  –  Selecting Developer Testing Metrics The first step in deciding what metrics to use is to specify clearly what results we want to achieve and what behaviors we want to encourage. In the context of developer testing, the results and behaviors that most organizations should target are the following: more >>