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Feb 18, 2005  –  Is it Wise To Aim for 100% NTF ? 10 steps on the journey to the perfect metric. more >>
 –  Brian's Lisp programmer rant Today Brian Marick said, in a discussion of his planned book:
"I'll use XML instead of YAML as my concession to reality and penance for not talking about Perl. It will be hard not to launch into my old Lisp programmer's rant about how all the people who thought writing programs in tree structures with parentheses was unreadable now think writing data in tree structures with angle brackets and keyword arguments and quotes is somehow just the cat's pajamas."
Feb 17, 2005  –  Rude Applications

Things I hate :

Applications that pop themselves to the front.

(are you listening, IntelliJ ?)

more >>
 –  Needs and Wants Recently while chatting with Alberto the phrase "what the user needs and wants" came up in our talk. That got me thinking a bit, what's the difference. It struck me finally that, that's the core difference between a market success or not. more >>
Feb 16, 2005  –  BayXP User Group Meeting at Agitar's Office Alberto and Jeffrey are presenters at the next meeting of the Bay Area XP User Group. The meeting is at our office, so come and see us if you are in the area! more >>
Feb  9, 2005  –  Failures in Unit Testing This morning on the Agile Testing mailing list someone pointed out Mike Clark's blog entry "Failures in Unit Testing". more >>
Feb  6, 2005  –  The Developer Testing Burden I started at Agitar (Engineering Management) in August - but have been associated with the team at Agitar for the last several years. In my past life at SunTest (Sun Labs), I was responsible for creating several Java testing technologies (primarily focused towards load testing) - and being a geek at heart - the "toughness" of the testing problem has always kept me charged up about solving it. more >>