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May 26, 2005  –  InfoWorld's Jon Udell Interviewed Alberto Savoia

On Thursday May 26 Jon Udell interviewed Alberto Savoia. Alberto had just been selected by InfoWorld as one of the 25 Top CTO's in the US in 2005. Jon asks Alberto about his vision for Agitator and Alberto demos Agitator extensively.

You can see the replay now if you don't mind registering. If you do, come back in a few days and we'll point you to an unguarded version.

May  8, 2005  –  On The Cover!

Jolt AwardYour Developer Testing writers on the cover of Software Development!

Of course we were incredibly proud winning the Jolt Award by Software Development Magazine - but to be selected for the cover page was even better!

To be sure - the team that has created Agitator and is driving the innovations for the coming releases is (by now significantly) larger than the group on this cover page, but the contributors to Developer Testing were selected to represent the team.

Oh, and Alberto wants to be sure it is mentioned that he is not as small as he appears on the picture - he was sitting on a chair in front of the rest of the group. These vain CTO's!