Dec 26, 2007  –  Flock let's you blog directly from the browser?

Well - here's my test of blogging to our MT site directly from the flock browser. If it does go through - then that's amazing - good work by the flock folks.

If you don't know what i'm talking about - check out

Also, if this works, hopefully I'll be able to write more here, since the blog button is only a Ctrl-Shift-B away!

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Jul  2, 2007  –  Are you an Agitator?

We're always looking for bright engineers to add to our already amazing engineering team - but we're specifically looking to fill two positions ASAP - Senior Software Engineers for our core engine development and quality engineering teams.

Those of you familiar with our product would know that we solve some very tough problems ... most of our products work on problems which are defined NP-hard and then solve them to a reasonable and usable level.

So, if you're looking for a challenge and want to be surrounded by equally smart and bright individuals, if you dream algorithms, and if you have a passion to write and test software, then read the posting and apply for either the Senior Software Engineer or the Senior Quality Lead Engineer; other positions are also listed at

If you know someone else that could be a better fit, I would appreciate your forwarding this post to them ... thanks for your help!

Jan  2, 2007  –  Handy eclipse trick for importing classes into existing project

We get a lot of sample code that exhibits incorrect or unexplained behavior with AgitarOne - and many times we have to set it up in a debugger or import that code into an existing project. Recently I discovered that eclipse has a very easy technique for just this use case - thought I'll share it here.

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Apr 18, 2005  –  Sustaining Legacy Code Last month I visited some customers and prospects in India. One of them was an outsourced provider of software engineering services. Sure enough, some projects they get are to maintain and sustain an existing body of code. "So how does Agitator help?" they ask.   more »
Feb 17, 2005  –  Needs and Wants Recently while chatting with Alberto the phrase "what the user needs and wants" came up in our talk. That got me thinking a bit, what's the difference. It struck me finally that, that's the core difference between a market success or not.  more »
Feb  6, 2005  –  The Developer Testing Burden I started at Agitar (Engineering Management) in August - but have been associated with the team at Agitar for the last several years. In my past life at SunTest (Sun Labs), I was responsible for creating several Java testing technologies (primarily focused towards load testing) - and being a geek at heart - the "toughness" of the testing problem has always kept me charged up about solving it.  more »