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May 19, 2006  –  Finally Making it to XtC Five months later I find myself in the same situation, heading out to London on the same flight even. Haven't set a lot of plans for my off-work hours, thought I'm happy that I should be able to make it to the eXtreme Tuesday Club meeting this time around. On the downside this'll probably the worst week for the entire year for wanting to watch football in a London pub so I'll need some other way to fill my weekend. Kevin suggests Speaker's Corner on Sunday morning. Any other suggestions?
May 16, 2006  –  Free Coffee at JavaOne Thought I'd mention that we're offering free coffee (espresso, latte, etc) at the Agitar booth (#836). From the looks of a few of you this afternoon I think you need it... :)coffee.jpg
May 14, 2006  –  Attending JavaOne? If you're attending JavaOne drop me a note (jtf at agitar.com) if you're interested in meeting up. I'll certainly be attending the lunch with Kent Beck but I'll also be around the Agitar booth off and on. See ya there?