December 09, 2005 - How to Spend Time in London?

I'm about to head to SFO to catch Virgin Atlantic Flt. 20 to LHR, and I'm feeling mostly prepared for the business end of things... so now it is time to think of how to handle my personal time. I've got half-day Saturday, all of Sunday and most of Monday...

I'll be staying near St. Paul's and I'm in the lookout for a place to get a nice pint of bitter while watching some EPL football. I'm hoping that I'll have my hotel settled and ready to go out in time for the 3 pm kick-offs. Suggestions?

Joe Schmetzer has already tipped me off on the London 2.0 Christmas party on Monday (thanks!), and I'm looking forward to that. One of my disappointments for this trip was that I'm unable to make the XtC meeting but this London 2.0 happening should make up for that nicely.

I've already been pointed at the wealth of museums in London. Anything else I should consider must see?

(Hint: anything involving notable beer will not go wrong...)

Posted by Jeffrey Fredrick at December 9, 2005 12:43 PM

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The Tower of London is a great trip if you have never been. It takes about 3 hours in all to do the complete tour, and its a fort with a gruesome history.

Posted by: Paul Keeble on December 14, 2005 05:09 AM