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Nov 17, 2004  –  Live blog from the Developer Testing Forum. I am here at the 350 seat PARC-George E. Pake Auditorium in Palo Alto, waiting for the Forum to begin at 9am. We're expecting a good sized crowd. Traffic was terrible, but already a lot of people are in the lobby...I hope the food holds out. The combination of Kent Beck plus talent from local companies such as Google, Wells Fargo, and Oracle has resulted a lot of interest. more >>
Nov 16, 2004  –  DeveloperTesting to cover Kent Beck presentation at Developer Testing Forum with live blog Agitar Software and SDForum are co-sponsoring the November 17 Developer Testing Forum, to be held from 8:30am - 12:30 PST at the PARC-George E. Pake Auditorium in Palo Alto, California. I will be reporting from the Forum via a live weblog on DeveloperTesting.com. more >>
Nov  9, 2004  –  Scott Adams, Agile Pioneer The combination of my blog entry yesterday and my drive home made me realize that the Agile pantheon is missing an important entry: Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. more >>
Nov  8, 2004  –  Murphy's Law and NASA A couple of weeks ago Slashdot had a discussion "Murphy's Law Rules NASA". While the MSNBC article that was the occation for the topic was interesting in itself, what I found really notable was the writeup by the submitter. It contained the best summary argument I've seen for using Agile feedback-driven processes in favor of big up-front just-dont-make-a-mistake processes: "Human error is an inevitable input to any complex endeavor. Either you manage and design around it or fail."
Nov  5, 2004  –  Changing Machines Like Reusing Code? After a year with my Toshiba Satellite Pro I'm moving to a shiny new IBM T42 ThinkPad. The process reminds me quite a bit of starting a new project that you know is similar to an old project that you don't want to change. You have a choice between just copying everything over blindly, knowing that you're taking good useful stuff as well as useless out dated cruft, or you can painstakingly review what's there and take only what's worth taking. Does the approach someone takes as they migrate machines reflect the approaches they will take when developing?
Nov  4, 2004  –  CruiseControl 2.2 Last week the CruiseControl community released version 2.2 of this excellent continuous integration/build tool. This release adds scads of new features but at least as interesting, at least to me, are the stories behind some of the release highlights. more >>