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Mar 15, 2004  –  In Tests We Trust? I had an interesting experience a couple of weeks ago that brought home the influence of developer testing on trust in someone else's code. After reflecting, I think that being able to show an effective base of developer tests is -- or should be -- the most influential proxy for quality code. more >>
 –  Eating Our Own Dog Food — Using Agitator™ on Itself In start-up companies, especially in the area of software, the expression "eat your own dog food" means that you should use in-house the products or service that you are planning to sell to other people. At Agitar we take eating our own dog food very seriously. One of the first things I did when we founded the company was to buy a can of Alpo™ dog food for everyone in engineering and put it on their desks to remind them how important it is for us to be users of our own technology. more >>
Mar  8, 2004  –  Fight Complexity with Complexity We were using method and class and package names as keys to the various data structures that store test results and coverage data. Agitator told us that if you pass the string "123%%^*abc" to a method that expects a class name, it throws an IllegalArgumentException. "Well, duh!" we said and marked it expected. We added a factory to generate a variety of good and bad class names and got on with the task at hand. more >>