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Dec 18, 2005  –  Humane Interface or Minimal Interface ?

Bruce Eckel weaves together the two hot topics in blogland this week. One is the Humane Interface vs Minimal Interface discussion which pits Java's List API against Ruby's. The other is the "Death of Java" topic.

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Dec  9, 2005  –  How to Spend Time in London? I'm about to head to SFO to catch Virgin Atlantic Flt. 20 to LHR, and I'm feeling mostly prepared for the business end of things... so now it is time to think of how to handle my personal time. I've got half-day Saturday, all of Sunday and most of Monday... more >>
Dec  8, 2005  –  CC, CI and CA in London, Antwerp and Stockholm Tomorrow I head out on my first ever european adventure, flying to London to spread the word about Continuous Integration and Continuous Agitation using CruiseControl. You can catch me on the morning of the 13th in London (location and registration here), on the 14th I'll be speaking at JavaPolis in Antwerp, and on the 15th in Stockholm (location and registration here). I'm hoping these events will attract some of the people I've interacted with on the CC mailing list and maybe even some blog readers. As a special bonus to my loyal readers, if you have a particular question you want answered go ahead and ask it here and I'll try and work it into my presentation. See you there!
Dec  1, 2005  –  Shameless Plugs

Unlike Jeff, you won't catch me shamelessly plugging my EclipseCon talk on The Humble Plugin.

 –  Utility Functions as a Code Smell

Keith Ray says utility functions are a code smell and I wholeheartedly agree.

BTW I often use the Adapter Pattern to wrap a class that seems to need utils until eventually the Adapter grows into a whole new class of its own. I have done this to add utility functions for parsing and xpath querying to org.w3c.Document for example.

 –  Headless Hello World at EclipseCon 2006?

Back in August I wrote a pictorial guide to creating a headless hello world eclipse plug-in; now I've proposed to cover the same information in a short talk at EclipseCon 2006 and I've decided to use my massive blog fanbase ("hi mom!") to shill for votes. If you're interested in the content (or just an adoring fan) you can vote for me here (registration required to vote).

Oh, and if you're really really interested in learning more about this topic than can be covered in 5 - 10 minutes (the duration of a short talk) then you might be interested in voting for Paul Dzilenski's Creating an Eclipse IDE Command Line Interface long talk proposal.

Happy voting!