Oct 12, 2005  –  XP Stages of Acceptance My friend Kevin is a very smart guy. He did a talk that was an intro to XP and one of his slides was "XP Stages of Acceptance":  more »
Sep 10, 2005  –  Cockburn, Goal Displacement, and Running Tested Features On Friday Alistair Cockburn posted an article with the provocative title "Are Iterations Hazardous to Your Project?"...  more »
Sep  8, 2005  –  Patterns for Iteration Retrospectives Bill Wake's post to the extreme programming mailing list caught my eye...   more »
Aug 23, 2005  –  Relentless Testing and The XP Oath James Shore has reminded us what the extreme version of developer testing is about:
We will test everything that could possibly break. We will have tests at the customer level as well as at the programmer level. We will write our tests before we write our code, possibly moments before. We will automate our tests and provide a binary "pass/fail" mechanism for evaluating the result.
Read the rest of his "Extreme Programmers Oath" over here.
May 14, 2004  –  XPeriment Findings In January, we described The XPeriment we were beginning, and I felt it was time to revisit our hypothesis and see how well our predictions worked out and mention a couple surprise lessons we learned along the way.  more »
Mar 15, 2004  –  In Tests We Trust? I had an interesting experience a couple of weeks ago that brought home the influence of developer testing on trust in someone else's code. After reflecting, I think that being able to show an effective base of developer tests is -- or should be -- the most influential proxy for quality code.  more »
Mar  8, 2004  –  Fight Complexity with Complexity We were using method and class and package names as keys to the various data structures that store test results and coverage data. Agitator told us that if you pass the string "123%%^*abc" to a method that expects a class name, it throws an IllegalArgumentException. "Well, duh!" we said and marked it expected. We added a factory to generate a variety of good and bad class names and got on with the task at hand.  more »
Feb 26, 2004  –  Test-Driven Development and Agitator-Driven Refactoring We've had a good solid month of development experience on The eXperiment now and things are going rather well. All of our code is written test first by pairs, we refactor without mercy, and we continuously integrate. Part of our continuous integration is continuous agitation, and it is on that front that we've had the biggest surprise.  more »
Jan 21, 2004  –  The XPeriment When talking about developer testing in Java, the conversation often shifts to XP and other Agile methods. Thus it happens that we get asked how Managed Developer Testing works with a team doing XP. We feel there is a good story to tell there, but it isn't one we can speak to from first-hand experience. Combine those queries with an "XP-curious" CTO and a couple of internal XP advocates and it is time for an experiment.  more »