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Nov 26, 2006  –  This Week in Germany

I'm off to Germany this week to give a few talks, some of the public. First on Tuesday I'll be at the iX Konferenz in Frankfurt giving the talk AgitarONE – Automatisiertes Java Developer Testing. Then on Thursday (Frankfurt) and Friday (Munich) I'll be part of the seminar JUnit-Test Generierung auf Knopfdruck!.

I hope nobody will be disappointed to hear that I'll be speaking entirely in American; my knowledge of German is limited to "ich bein ein Berliner".

 –  ONE Reason for Not Blogging I'm just finishing a particularly crazy time and I felt I owed a small explaination about why I haven't blogged for the last several weeks. Here is the short version: AgitarOne.
Nov 22, 2006  –  Give it up for fallibility If there's anything I've learned from adopting agile software practices and working at a company that embraces them, it's to have respect for fallibility. more >>
Nov  1, 2006  –  In the path of Pagan Raiders

Brian Marick is a funny guy

Those in the Agile world all know of resistance to Agile from those middle managers who see it as a threat to their power to command and control. Telling such a person that her sabotage endangers the company's ROI is like an abbot standing in the path of Christian raiders and threatening them with loss of their immortal souls: sometimes it works, but nowhere near often enough. And it never works with the worshippers of Odin.