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Feb 28, 2006  –  CruiseControl 2.4.1 Released Our first attempt at a timeboxed release, version 2.4.1 is now available for download. The most noticeable difference in the release will be the new (and hopefully improved) index.jsp in the reporting application, but there are some new plugins as well: ExecBuilder, Maven2Builder, PropertyFileLabelIncrementer, and WeblogPublisher.
Feb 26, 2006  –  Quick Update from Tokyo For people curious about how I spent my day in Tokyo, but hopefully not that curious because there's more omitted than reported. more >>
Feb 22, 2006  –  A Recipe For Making Developers Write Tests

This is the only thing that has ever worked for me.

1. Test your own code as well as you can
2. Next time someone checks in a slap-your-forehead bug, show them the test that would have caught the bug if only they had run the tests.
3. Show them how to run the tests themselves

It won't be long until everyone will want to have tests.

Most developers will not make the investment until they have seen proven returns. The management challenge is to find the early adopter with the courage and vision to take that first step.

Feb 20, 2006  –  CC, CI and CA in Asia-Pacific I still haven't gotten around to writing up a summary of my trip from December but this Friday I'm heading out again, this time going West instead of East. This'll be a bit longer trip, starting with a week in Japan and then with a second week in Austrialia and New Zealand. For the most part I'll be speaking on the same topic that I did on the last trip: Continuous Integration and Continuous Agitation. This talk went over very well eacy of the half-dozen or so time I gave it in Europe so I'm excited to be able to offer it on two new continents! If you live in these countries check these cities and dates and maybe you can join us. more >>
Feb 18, 2006  –  Software Development Learning from the Spacecraft Business Glen Alleman was reading Development of the Space Shuttle and got to asking "is there anything we can learn from the spacecraft business that is applicable to software development?" (via Lasse Koskela)
Feb 16, 2006  –  Sharing Pre-configuration After I posted my blog entry on Template Projects with CruiseControl 2.4 Greg Gipson asked an interesting question on the CruiseControl users mailing list about sharing pre-configuration information across multiple CruiseControl servers that turns out to have an elegant answer (if XML Entities can be considered elegant). more >>
Feb 10, 2006  –  Template Projects with CruiseControl 2.4 At the end of January CruiseControl 2.4 was released. Among all the new features and bug fixes one of the most interesting to me is the idea of using plugin preconfiguration to create template projects. By coincidence over the last few weeks Kevin has been doing major surgery on our build system to make everything more standardized and logical, so it turned out to be a good time for us to try out this template project idea of ourselves. more >>
Feb  9, 2006  –  Headless Hello World at EclipseCon 2006! Way back in August I wrote a pictorial guide to creating a headless hello world eclipse plug-in, and then in December I tapped the power of my massive blog fanbase to shill for votes for my EclipseCon short talk proposal. Today I'm happy to report that our efforts were a success and to invite you, if you're going to be at EclipseCon, to stop by March 22nd at 4:15 (that's 16:15 for my international audience) and listen to the very exciting short talk "Hello World" as a Headless Eclipse Plug-in. I promise it will be worth all 9 minutes of your time.
Feb  8, 2006  –  Invitation to Continuous Integration and Testing Soiree This message is being sent to announce an upcoming event for everyone interested in continuous integration and the type of automated testing associated with it. (Entry updated Feb 16th with dates and website.) more >>
Feb  6, 2006  –  So you want to build a spice rack? "A hammer?" he asks. "Nobody really buys hammers anymore. They're kind of old fashioned."
(Now try testing it...)