February 20, 2006 - CC, CI and CA in Asia-Pacific

I still haven't gotten around to writing up a summary of my trip from December but this Friday I'm heading out again, this time going West instead of East. This'll be a bit longer trip, starting with a week in Japan and then with a second week in Austrialia and New Zealand. For the most part I'll be speaking on the same topic that I did on the last trip: Continuous Integration and Continuous Agitation. This talk went over very well eacy of the half-dozen or so time I gave it in Europe so I'm excited to be able to offer it on two new continents! If you live in these countries check these cities and dates and maybe you can join us.
March 1st, Tokyo
I'll be the keynote speaker at this seminar being co-hosted by 10art-ni and Agitar Software. With Babelfish helping I found this neat map of the location and the sign-up form. The seminar is free and should be interesting for people wanting to learn more about Continuous Integration and/or unit testing.
March 6th, Melbourne
This'll be a lunch time seminar (12 - 1:45 PM) at Rialto Hotel on Collins (which sounds like a pretty swanky place). Since I'm the only speaker on the agenda I'm hoping for a bit more back-and-forth with the audience which is always fun, at least for me. If you're interested in attending you should email Chris Galloway (cgalloway at agitar.com), use the subject line "Mar 6 Seminar", and in the body include your name, organization, title and telephone.
March 7th, Canberra
I'll be speaking at a briefing organized by Software Improvements. Details and registration contact is available on their website.
March 8th, Sydney
I'll be the keynote speaker at this breakfast event organized by Agitar and AVOGA. The topic is IT Governance and the Importance of Quality and I can tell you now that if you attend you'll hear at least one comparison between developer testing and double-entry bookkeeping. Ok, probably a lot more than one, but I really like the analogy. Registration is free and available online.
March 9th, Wellington
I'll be presenting to the Wellington Java User Group. I know I should avoid snap judgements but when I read on their event description that after the talk we'll "repair to the Malthouse for some light R&R", well, somehow I think I'm going to like this crowd.
March 10th, Auckland
This is a lunch time (12:30) presentation to the Auckland JUG. In the online description I read that our start time was bumped 30 minutes because of another talk being given by Borland, and seeing how the meeting will be in the Borland building...

This schedule will likely be a bit more hectic than last time out but I'll still have at least one day on my own in each of Tokyo, Sydney and Auckland. I've never been to Sydney nor Auckland, and the only time I was in Tokyo was fifteen years ago when I was a starving college student, so if y'all have any suggestions on how I should spend those days, I'm interested.

Posted by Jeffrey Fredrick at February 20, 2006 09:05 PM

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