April 06, 2007 - What Color Are My Tests?

I came across a nice quote from Ron Jeffries in answer to the eternal question about the color of the tests that result from TDD.

The tests in TDD are not, strictly speaking "white box", because the code doesn't exist when the test is written. But they are written with a view of what the code is and will be, so they're more like white than any other well-known color of box.

As quick as a flash, Tim Houghton replied,

I'd say they are polished chrome. They reflect what should be, regardless of whether it is or is not.

As much as I love his answer, I think the color, Polished Chrome, more accurately reflects the nature of characterization tests which capture

what the code does regardless, regardless of what it should do

Posted by Kevin Lawrence at April 6, 2007 04:16 PM

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