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Sep 25, 2007  –  Coverage for Nothing

Kevin pushed a new version of JUnit Factory yesterday. The coolest new feature is that you can now execute your hand-written tests remotely on our server and get a coverage report out of it, such as this dashboard report for CruiseControl.

To make this work safely for us we run the tests under a security manager and restrict what the tests can do, so some tests will fail. But if your tests are clean according to Michael Feathers' Set of Unit Testing Rules you'll be just fine.

Sep  6, 2007  –  Dream Quote


I have just generated unit tests for some code that would have taken months or years to do manually and I did it in under 30 minutes including registering on your server and waiting for the reply email.

That is truly awesome!"

Getting this kind of feedback is the fun part about having free (as in beer) software up on the web where anyone can try it out. In this case Nick had a great experience with JUnitFactory and let us know with a post to our forum.