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Jun 22, 2007  –  CruiseControl 2.7 Released

The recent 2.7 release of CruiseControl sees CC join the modern age with a completely new web application called the dashboard. The dashboard provides an attractive web 2.0/ajax interface, a widget based extension system, and a bunch of new features like updating your CC configuration via the web. The old reporting application is still there -- meaning all the 3rd party tools still work -- so there is no reason not to update and check out the new features. Enjoy!

Jun 14, 2007  –  Wiki Blog Community

I like how Alistair is bluring the lines between Wiki and Blog on his site. Martin does something similar, but his Bliki is read only. Alistar, otoh, is using MediaWiki to run his full site, including his blog, and encouraging people to post their thoughts on the discussion page for the related blog.

I like the informal collegial feel and I'll be interested to see if a community does in fact develop.

Jun  6, 2007  –  Are You Mad at Your CI Build?

Reading Paul Duval's blog entry I found him making a comparison I use frequently: "CI provides you with a mirror of your software under development." His point is that if you find yourself getting mad at the build you might want to check yourself.

If you don't like what you see in the mirror, do you blame the mirror or do you start thinking about spending more time at the gym?