June 14, 2007 - Wiki Blog Community

I like how Alistair is bluring the lines between Wiki and Blog on his site. Martin does something similar, but his Bliki is read only. Alistar, otoh, is using MediaWiki to run his full site, including his blog, and encouraging people to post their thoughts on the discussion page for the related blog.

I like the informal collegial feel and I'll be interested to see if a community does in fact develop.

Posted by Jeffrey Fredrick at June 14, 2007 09:27 PM

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Interesting. Have you seen any of the work with Oddmuse - in a community example at CommunityWiki and in many individual bliki. Also, Bill Seitz is a long time blurrer.

If this is old news, my apologies - I just came across this post.

Best, Mark

Posted by: Mark on June 15, 2007 03:03 AM

I've also been watching it, and considering doing the same.

Posted by: Bret Pettichord on June 15, 2007 11:21 AM

Mark, thanks for the pointer. I like Bill's term "Thinking Space":


Posted by: Jeffrey Fredrick on June 18, 2007 08:56 AM

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