July 06, 2006 - "The lesson of the bloat trochar and the rulebook"

Brian Marick is at it again with a must-read post on the Agile Testing mailing list titled "The lesson of the bloat trochar and the rulebook", but unlike all the previous posts or messages I've directed my gentle readers to view this one is entirely unquotable. To me it is a single piece, to be consumed entire or not at all. The closest I can come to providing the flavor is the embarrassing situation of quoting the post quoting Whitehead:
It's like what Whitehead said about notation: "By relieving the brain of all unnecessary work, a good notation sets it free to concentrate on more advanced problems, and in effect increases the mental power of the race."
... but that doesn't do it justice. Maybe better is to quote Kevin's reaction:
Outstanding post, Brian. I always wondered what the little star was for in GMail. Now I know. Your post has a little gold one next to it.
So... go read it already, 'k?

Posted by Jeffrey Fredrick at July 6, 2006 09:39 PM

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