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Nov 21, 2008  –  CruiseControl 2.8 Released

2.8 is now available for download.

Along with a number of bug fixes and enhancements (release notes) there have been a number of significant below the surface changes that should be invisible out of the box but will be a GoodThing:

  • Java 5 required to run: this allows us to update the code to more modern Java and to take advantage of the libraries that are part of Java 5 but not Java 1.5. (Of course you can still compile your projects with JDK 1.4.)
  • Upgraded Jetty: along with the upgrade we are also exposing the Jetty configuration files to allow more extensions to the default behavior.
  • Updated to Servlet API 2.5 and JSP API 2.1
  • Specify Log4j config file: there is now a command-line switch (-log4jconfig) to specify the Log4j configuration file. Importantly, this can be either in the .properties format or the .xml format. The .xml format is more verbose (no surprise) but also allows more configuration options. From the Log4j tutorial:
"The properties file does not support some advanced configuration options like Filters, custom ErrorHandlers and a special type of appenders, i.e. AsyncAppender. ErrorHandlers defines how errors in log4j itself are handled, for example badly configured appenders. Filters are more interesting. From the available filters, I think that the level range filter is really missing for property files."

In addition to these change there quite a few little hygiene cleanups that made me happy.