September 27, 2005 - Stop: The Bar is Green

I think it was repeated hints from Robert Watkins that finally got to me. I took the time to install David Saff Continuous Testing plug-in for Eclipse and I'll tell you now that I never want to be without it again, but not for the reasons I've heard from other people.

Usually when I've heard people talk about using the CT plug-in they laud how they know right away when they've broken a test -- and yes that is nice -- but for me the most valuable part is knowing when to stop. I try very hard to be a good TDDer and write tests in advance of the code, but often when I get started writing the code I'll keep going long after the test would pass.

And that's why I like the CT plug-in, because at I glance I hear it telling me, "Dude, stop already, the bar is green".

Posted by Jeffrey Fredrick at September 27, 2005 01:50 PM

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