March 03, 2008 - Webinar: Making the Business Case for Continuous Integration and Testing

This week on Wednesday March 5th I'll be giving a webinar on Making the Business Case for Continuous Integration and Testing. This webinar is a bit different than previous ones I've given on CIT. I wanted to address this topic because I've talked to a number of people at places like CITCON who believed that CIT was the right thing to be doing but they were inexplicably (to them) unable to convince others that continuous integration and the automated testing that goes with it were something worth investing in. So to try and help people I've put together what I see as the most compelling information and also some advice on how to tailor your case based on specific situation in your company. Following the slide portion of the webinar I'm going to answer questions from the audience. In addition to questions about the slides I'm also interested in hearing from people who've encountered obstacles in adopting CIT and I'll try and provide specific suggestions for getting around the problems. If you're interested in this material you can register for this webinar today.

Posted by Jeffrey Fredrick at March 3, 2008 11:54 AM

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