March 18, 2006 - Honestly Subjective Performance Reviews

Having just finished writing performance reviews yesterday I have extra appreciation for the thoughts behind The Honestly Subjective Performance Review. There's a lot there that I already practice but I liked this part on the theory of raises:
Performance reviews are backward looking when they should be forward looking: When Tim hired Alex, Sam, and Brook, he didn’t base the salary he offered them on their previous year’s performance. He didn’t really have any objective data about their past performance. Instead, he offered them salaries based on the value he perceived they would add by joining his team. Backward-looking reward systems are counter-productive because the employee has already been rewarded for the past. That’s what the twelve months of paychecks were.
(via Lasse Koskela)

Posted by Jeffrey Fredrick at March 18, 2006 02:50 PM

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