March 13, 2009 - April: Minneapolis: Build Engineer Bootcamp & CITCON

On this blog when we talk about developer testing we have an ongoing assumption that you're going to use continuous integration in both senses of the phrase: you're going to check-in frequently and you're going to have an automated system like CruiseControl running your tests.

But, perhaps surprisingly, many teams have as much trouble getting the automated system up and running as they do in writing the tests in the first place. The problem is their build. They have a system that is sufficient for assembling their software but that isn't ready for the demands of an agile team, demands like continuous integration, unit tests, functional testing, software metrics, etc.

If you have this problem then you should take a look at the Build Engineer Bootcamp that we have scheduled for Minneapolis in April to coordinate with CITCON, the Continuous Integration and Testing Conference. These two events should pair very nicely: attend the bootcamp to learn the basics, then attend CITCON to delve into the state of the art.

Hope to see you there!

Posted by Jeffrey Fredrick at March 13, 2009 01:29 PM

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