October 02, 2007 - No Software Heuristic for Implementability and Testability

Alberto blogged today about our free tool Crap4J. You might think that the last thing software development needs is another metric, but our goal here was a bit different. We were looking for a metric that would be simple and actionable like the cholesterol index: if you know your cholesterol score is over 200 you know you need to do something, it is a call to action. By the same token, you can't say that just because your score is under 200 that you're healthy. The cholesterol isn't a perfect indicator of health, and yet it is still useful.

Did we succeed in our goal? Check it out and let us know...

(And thanks to the writeup on The Server Side for my title.)

Posted by Jeffrey Fredrick at October 2, 2007 03:29 PM

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