May 08, 2007 - Fast Start at JavaOne

Agitar boothThis picture was just about the last quiet moment before they opened the exhibition hall doors. Shortly after that the horde decended and at the booth we've been just shockingly busy.

I'm encouraged by the number of people who are interested in unit testing and want to hear our pitch. We've been handing out JUnitFactory business cards like candy -- the ability to generate dashboards is a killer new feature -- and the printed copies of The Way of Testivus are popular as well. (I'm still waiting to see someone put on our karma > dogma t-shirts. Maybe tomorrow..)

I've been mostly busy occupied describing AgitarOne to people but in between I've managed to catch up a bit with Paul Hammant (who is pleased I finally have the include.projects working so he can Branch by Abstraction) and Andy Glover (who is threatening to join us in Belgium). Andy introduced me to prolific traveling speaker Neal Ford, who must enjoy being on the road far more than I do. I got within handshaking distance of ASM author humble committer Eugene Kuleshov but was too busy talking with someone in the booth to do more than exchange greetings.

Looking foward to my next break and the opportunity for some longer conversations...

Posted by Jeffrey Fredrick at May 8, 2007 02:40 PM

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Hey, Jeffrey, it was good to see you too. Small correction, though, Eric Brunetton is the actual ASM author. So, I am just a humble committer. :-)

Posted by: Eugene Kuleshov on May 11, 2007 07:12 PM

Thanks, fixed!

Posted by: Jeffrey Fredrick on May 11, 2007 11:20 PM

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