May 07, 2007 - JavaOne 2007!

I am going to be attending sessions at JavaOne this week, and would be happy to meet with any Agitators or testing enthusiasts at the conference, according to Sun's Event Connect tool, I can paste this code and you can link to me in their event tool to set up a meeting.

Join Me at the 2007 JavaOne Conference Event Connect Tool!

I also set up a topic proposal for the JavaCamp, unconference that is happening Tuesday and Wednesday nights, on Adding JUnit to the Java Platform.

Here's the blurb for anyone interested:

Many language platforms, like Ruby and Microsoft .NET ship with a unit testing framework as part of the platform. Why not include JUnit in the Java Platform, or at least include it in the JDK? Code quality is a constant sore spot for commercial applications, so it seems like making the tools that contribute to higher quality more widely available will encourage better code. While we're at it, lets put in a code coverage tool as well, so we can see how well we're testing. We already have some profiling and management tools built in, so this seems like a missing piece of the puzzle.

I'd like to discuss this idea, and concerns around improving code quality with developer testing in general.

Posted by Bob Evans at May 7, 2007 03:24 PM

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