January 12, 2007 - CruiseControl 2.6 Released (Finally!)

It took much longer than I had hoped, but CruiseControl 2.6 has been released, and there are some big changes. The release notes cover all of them but there are a few I wanted to highlight...

One of the long time bugaboos of CruiseControl is has been many people eventually experience an OutOfMemoryError. This was typically experience during the xsl transform of the log file either to create an html email or in the reporting application. To address this in 2.6 Xalan has been replaced with Saxon (thanks Ivan!). To make this transition possible 2.6 is the first version that can't be run under JRE 1.3. JRE 1.4 is the new minimum requirement to run CC (but it can still compile projects with JDK 1.3).

For plug-in developers 2.6 is notable because you can now define custom project types by implementing the new ProjectInterface. This hasn't really been exploited yet but I'm guessing we'll see future versions with project types like DependencyAwareProject, IvyProject, DistributedProject and the like.

For you Ruby people out there CC 2.6 had a last minute addition of a RakeBuilder. By last minute I mean only hours before release so it is missing little things like documentation, but hey, don't let that stop you -- just use the source, Luke. (Or ask on the CC user list and we'll do our best to help.)

Finally, because Paul Hammant took the time to explain it to me in person, 2.6 has the new include.projects element. In a later post I'll give an example of using it, but the short version is this should be a boon to people who want to version project config data with the project and those who want to prevent a typo with one project from keeping all the others from building. This feature is still a work in progress so if you'd like to make comments or follow along you can do so by checking out issue CC-266 in the CruiseControl Jira.

Posted by Jeffrey Fredrick at January 12, 2007 06:31 PM

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