April 12, 2006 - Tests Vs Specifications

Reading Brian Marick's post on Tests and Specifications made me wonder about how to describe the assertions in Agitator. They certainly are of the form Brian describes:
In math geek terms, specifications are universally quantified statements, ones of the form "for all inputs such that <something> is true of them, <something else> is true of the output." Tests are constant statements, ones with no variables. They look like this: "given input 5, the output is 87."
This distinction comes into play when we use TDD with Agitation. The tests help us move forward one case at a time and then Agitiator helps us review if we've accurately captures the specification of the system, or if we've missed boundary cases. It is a shift from the "There Exists" to the "For All" mindset.

Posted by Jeffrey Fredrick at April 12, 2006 05:00 PM

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