July 15, 2004 - JavaOne Pictures

Looking over developertesting.com we certainly have been a bit slow with our postings recently. We do have a few excuses, but at the same time I promise we'll get back at it this month. About the excuses?: we shipped version 1.5 of the Agitator, started operations in Australia, India and Japan, did more customer briefings than ever before, and we did exhibit at JavaOne!

JavaOne was a big success. The booth was constantly crowded with really interested developers, Alberto's presentation drew more than 600 people and to top it all off we received the Duke Award from Sun CEO Scott McNealy and James Gosling. Here are some of the pictures from JavaOne we took.

Award Ceremony

Photo 1: Award ceremony, Scott McNealy announcing the awards

Award Ceremony

Photo 2: Alberto: "Gimme that thing"

Award Ceremony

Photo 3: Scott McNealy, Alberto, and Roongko at the photo-op

Award Ceremony

Photo 4: Alberto and Roongko with Java father James Gosling

Award Ceremony

Photo 5: Lots of interest at the booth

Award Ceremony

Photo 6: Jerry being interviewed by JDJ's Jeremy Geelan

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