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This site has been created by staff members of Agitar Software. We love, live and breathe software quality. Here we have a place to post stories that reflect our personal interests. We will also look to invite contributions by others in the industry. Every reader is welcome to contribute to the forum (although it is monitored), if you have articles to contribute, please send email to

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Could youse add an anchor to the Commandments in the upper-right
corner of the page? I think it would be useful to folks like me who
want to be able to post others with text like "We want to do (insert
link to, e.g.," instead
of "We want to do (insert link to as
defined by the 4 Commandments at upper right of that page." Apologies
if this is hard to understand--it might be easier if one could quote
HTML in one's comments--so feel free to reply to
(And feel free to call them something other than Commandments, but
that's just how they feel to me :-)

Posted by: Tom Roche [TypeKey Profile Page] on January 2, 2007 11:07 AM

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