July 14, 2006 - Put Your CC config in Version Control

I got fed up with updating the 20 step instructions on our wiki for configuring a new cruise control machine so I wrote a script and checked it in to CVS. Obvious really.

The apache-tomcat.zip and cruisecontrol.zip are also checked in. The script installs them for me.

I also got fed up with copying the config.xmls from machine to machine and trying to keep them in sync. So I checked them in too. Also obvious.

I have a build.system module that has a selection of config.xmls (one for the unit tests, one for the smoke tests, one for the acceptance tests and one for agitation) and the build.system copies one to the right place when cc runs the build.system module :

From my sample.local.properties (also checked in and automatically deployed when you run the script) :

# Uncomment one of these lines to keep cruise control up to date automatically
# See build.system/build.xml

# cruisecontrol.config.file=cc-builder-config.xml
# cruisecontrol.config.file=cc-unit-test-config.xml
# cruisecontrol.config.file=cc-system-test-config.xml
# cruisecontrol.config.file=cc-agitate-config.xml

I also got fed up with remembering to copy the .DDF files that our dashboard generates to capture trend data. I checked them in too. Also obvious.

I thought that this was all too obvious to blog about but Jeff tells me that there are people not doing these things so I blogged.

Version control - it's pretty useful sometimes, check it out ! Just don't call it a best practice.

Posted by Kevin Lawrence at July 14, 2006 08:36 AM

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